Project Description

Vibrane is a tool for digital marketers to optimize performance campaigns by delivering deep learning driven weather analytics to predict value ad shown to geolocalized audience.

  • We take RTB optimization further thanks to advanced analysis, bigdata, behevioral predictions.
  • Temperature, rain and wind indicators don’t mean anything unless you make sense of it. 20°C in Copenhagen is different than 20°C in Rome.
  • Custom categories, data filters and our support can provide you with customer insight and increase in RTB yield. Raw weather data is not the whole picture.

„As a result of this weather test, Burton had an 11.6% uplift in conversions across all users”


„If we compare the conversion rate for the fair weather with (1.48%) with the non-fair weather average conversion rate (1.69%) we get a decrease of 12.4% on sales when the weather is good! (…) if you do the same comparison between the fair weather and the partly cloudy and mostly cloudy, the difference increases to 13.8% and degree of confidence to 96.7%!”


„With April to June officially declared the wettest on record (…) Tour operator Thomson has reported a 20 per cent increase in holiday searches compared to the same period last year, while online travel agent On the Beach reported a 20 per cent rise in sales of holidays to destinations across Europe over the past couple of weeks.”


Weather ad targeting for RTB

Target ad campaigns more precisely just when local weather conditions of visitors are in your favour.

  1. Integrate. Vibrane adds visitor’s weather information to bid requests.
  2. Target campaigns. Your DSP panel earns new weather based campaign targeting options.
  3. Optimize. Improve ROI and conversion rate with more suitable audience definition.

Restaurants benefit sunny days

Restaurants, bars, coffeehouses and other offline
services are very sensitive to weather conditions.
When it rains, their online campaigns are far less

Weather data from Vibrane help offline
businesses adjust their campaign spending,
discount policy and marketing messages to the
current outside conditions.

E-commerce likes bad weather

Online retailers, food delivery, travel agencies.
online entertainment services. They experience
revenue increase when weather conditions are
not suitable for outdoor activities.

Vibrane gives online businesses unprecedented
opportunity to use weather conditions for online
campaign optimization and finally for improved
ROI and conversion rate.

How Vibrane works

Recognize users location

Vibrane uses geographical localization system in order to find current visitor’s location.

Know local weather

Vibrane collects weather data from all over the world and matches it with the location.

Turn into knowledge

We employ big data analysis for translating meteorological data into behavioraI predictions.

Improve campaigns

Finally we enable the information to advertisers for better campaign optimization.

Weather data for marketing

Vibrane provides to Marketers deep understanding how weather conditions influence their customers choices.

Tag your site.

Add our tag script to your site. Let us collect data about online users, their location and local weather conditions.

Receive report

Frequently Vibrane sends you insight into your audience behavioral choices that depend on their local weather.


do not leave home unless you really have to

leaving home considerable, but not for leisure

neutral, leaving home for some reason

leaving home for leisure possible

outdoor activities very possible

temperature classification

1 – very low temperatures, close to historical minimum

2 – temperatures perceived as low

3 – moderate temperature

4 – high temperature

5 – very high temperature, close to historical maximum

weather radical change within last 24h

R – breakdown, weather front change to rain (from very good weather to heavy rain)

S – start of snow

T – extreme (hurricanes, tornado, tropical storm)

G – good weather after very bad one (rain, snow, etc.)

„-” – no change

forecast of radical change in next 24h

R – breakdown, weather front change to rain (from very good weather to heavy rain)

S – start of snow

T – extreme (hurricanes, tornado, tropical storm)

G – good weather after very bad one (rain, snow, etc.)

„-” – no change


0 – no precipitation

1 – light (shower, light snow)

2 – normal (downpour, normal snow)

3 – heavy (rainstorm, sleet, snow-storm)Click edit button to change this text.