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Today I want to share with you some common yet underrated tool that may prove to be a hit with your recruiting departments. But rest assured, don’t take this as another pushy sales post – I’m here to share some thoughts on why outsourcing and one of its models – “time and materials” – can be like an extra four aces up one’s sleeve, completely moral, and often a game-changer.

Speaking of cards, think of outsourcing in the context of putting together a puzzle. Creating a team is nothing more than putting together a jigsaw puzzle, a more complicated, varied, but a puzzle nonetheless. You have some pieces, but sometimes you’re missing a few pieces to make the picture complete. This is where “time and materials” outsourcing services come into play.

Have you ever wondered how much time and resources it takes to find the perfect candidate for a position in your company? Not to mention how much of your recruitment team’s valuable time and commitment it consumes.

This is where the first ace comes in, let’s call it spades – flexibility. “Time and materials” services allow you to engage experts only when you really need them. That is, you can invite them for a short period of time to support work on a project at specific moments, delivering the product on time. See details of our IT staff leasing.

When you pick up a puzzle, it makes you want to twist every little cube in search of a matching spot. This is where another ace card comes in, a strong direction – the expertise of outside specialists. An outsourced consultant is like finding a colleague who has already played the game and knows every nook and cranny of it, and is willing to pass on all the lajf hacks. Outsourced specialists have a keen eye for identifying potential problems, and can catch needed functionality that your team might not see. Consultants, due to the nature of their work, have visited three times as many organizations, worked on many more projects, and have a much broader perspective on running projects. Discover the possibilities of also composing entire project teams that work together like a Swiss watch.

But that’s not all. We open another card, the calm ace of clubs – minimizing risks. When we recruit ourselves, we can make mistakes – overlook a strong candidate not available from the outside or simply not looking for a job, misjudge a candidate, or simply miss the “chemistry” between the candidate and the team. Consultants delegated to projects in a time-and-materials model helps minimize this risk – the external team already has experience in selecting the right candidates, maintains an ongoing relationship with them, is firmly in the loop and knows what to look for. See what value our specialists can deliver to you.

And finally, the last ace card, the definitive diamond – saving time. Time we would have had to spend searching, in a direct-search, executive-search motive, feedback, talking, answering questions. But also selecting and testing candidates, we can now use for more advanced tasks, especially when the capacity of internal HR departments is limited or simply not made of rubber. Our puzzle is gaining momentum, and we’re watching the pieces come together magnificently. Find out why the recruitment processes we run are so well regarded.

So are outsourcing services in a “time and materials” model a good supplement for your recruitment departments? It seems so, and on top of that, it is. It’s like an extra ace up your sleeve that can help you succeed in this tricky game called recruitment. Let us know if you are already using this high-performance weapon!

Teodor Ryszkus
Teodor RyszkusKey Account Manager