Search service for specialists for direct employment in the client’s structures. Programmer recruitment is a service focused on providing comprehensive services to the recruitment departments of companies with a technology background. We provide recruitment services for demanding IT-related specialist and management positions.

Our work is based on consultants’ industry experience and in-depth and up-to-date knowledge of the labor market in the IT and telecommunications sectors. The current employee market poses a new kind of challenge than before and requires a proactive approach, reaching out to candidates yourself and identifying non-salary arguments for accepting an offer. This is important especially in contacting the employee market prevailing in the IT world in Poland. There is said to be a shortage of about 50000 IT-related employees throughout Poland.

Recruitment projects successfully completed in 2020.

Complementary offerings

Proposing candidates for hiring on a success fee basis is in addition to our core business of providing IT services. This is typical work for recruitment agencies. At the request of clients, we also propose this model in case the specifics of a person’s work require direct cooperation and the contracting model is not possible for various reasons. Recruitment of programmers has been added to the portfolio of services in order to complement the offer and offer services across the entire spectrum of possibilities in case of demand for highly qualified work.

Typical projects

Providing recruitment services, we are most often looking for candidates for the following positions: Programmer (Java, ASP.NET, Python, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Javascript/React/Angular, C#, C++(embedded), PL/SQL, Oracle, Business Intelligence / Reporting, Linux / Windows / Unix Administrator, System Analyst, Business Analyst, Developer, Designer, Network Engineer, Cisco Engineer, LAN/WAN Specialist, Database Specialist, IT Manager, SAP Consultant, Siebiel Consultant, PeopleSoft Consultant, Project Manager, etc.),

For services paid on a success fee basis, we usually cooperate as a support and supplement to the existing HR department in the client’s structure.