Outsourcing of IT specialists / Leasing of IT employees – a model of cooperation used when there are not enough resources on the client’s side, or when the scope of work may change or is difficult to estimate and there is a need to quickly expand the team. Cooperation in this formula is usually settled on the basis of time worked, so in the Time & Materials formula.

Commoditech delegates consultants to projects implemented by clients, selecting the right specialists. If it is not possible to implement with its own resources, the project is carried out with the help of external recruitment. In doing so, Commoditech takes over all the formal duties related to hiring employees, as well as taking care of their professional development, training and integration, looking for ways to minimize turnover.

Outsourcing IT specialists is also a method of temporarily augmenting the team with very expensive people without changing the pay policy and rules for the rest of the employees. Leasing IT employees provides the flexibility to manage the size of the team in case costs or the number of people involved need to be reduced.

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Areas of outsourcing of IT professionals

In general, IT staff leasing is mainly the hiring of programmers. Less common is the hiring of IT specialists related to the maintenance of the client’s systems or infrastructure – where usually people are needed on a permanent basis and the main parameter counted by management is cost containment in the long term. In this case, the leasing of IT employees is more related to a try&hire service where, after a certain period of time, the specialist joins the client’s team or is offered direct employment in exchange for a one-time success fee – a percentage of the annual salary.

Why IT Contracting

Leasing IT staff helps maintain and manage the organization’s liquid resources which enables management to respond quickly to demand when it arises. Additionally, it is an alternative to maintaining a highly efficient inhouse recruiting department at all times. Working with an outsourcing company often allows you to actively compete for hard-to-find competencies. This requires working with a trusted partner to help the organization acquire the most appropriate and available resources as quickly and cheaply as possible. Commoditech has access to an extensive database of candidates who can effectively fill the role you have identified, enabling your organization to grow faster. Reaching out and convincing the best candidates.

Main reasons for outsourcing
Cost cutting approach 59%
Concentration on core business function 57%
Solution for lack of resources 47%
Increase of rendered service level 31%
Vital for functioning of the business 28%
Access to intellectual capital 28%
Help manage the company’s environment 17%
Assist in implementing major changes in the organization 17%

Source: Deloitte’s 2016 Global Outsourcing Survey 

How to attract the brightest talent

Commoditech’s strategy is fundamentally focused on projects where outsourcing programmers remotely is fully possible – as well as those where the technologies used are modern and attractive to candidates. In this way, we strive to distinguish ourselves by quality, both vis-à-vis the contractors and the client for whom the outsourcing of IT Workers is provided. The way we recruit candidates involves getting only referrals from trusted people or extensive technical examination – where the top 10% of people are qualified for cooperation.