IT team leasing (team leasing) is a service that involves the creation of complete teams of specialists, managed by a Commoditech manager or employees on the client side. This person is responsible for the proper execution and coordination of work. Commoditech ensures the construction of a team with a specific competence profile within a specified timeframe, as well as administrative support. Outsourcing IT staffing in the model of providing the work of the entire team is an alternative to sourcing individual specialists and selecting team members in-house, which is the case with the IT staffing service. The party responsible for management assumes responsibility for building knowledge, maintaining continuity of work, implementing employees. Such teams perform programming, analytical, implementation or maintenance work. Management, risks associated with turnover, knowledge retention and retraining of employees lie more with the provider in this case.

Commoditech team leasing

Advantages of the model

Leasing of IT teams provides the possibility of flexible adjustment of tasks to changing requirements and priorities, as well as greater control by the client over the effectiveness of the team’s work, through ongoing reporting. This model works well in dynamically changing environments, where the fixed-price model is not the optimal method of contracting services, and there is a need for transparency related to the calculation of the amount of work performed as well as flexibility typical of the service of providing work to individual IT contractors. Motivation, downtime management as well as integration and securing office space in this model are usually the responsibility of the provider.

Clearing payments

Work carried out under the Team Leasing formula is billed on the basis of time worked, at a flat rate or on an established basis worked out for the client. The model allows for a great deal of flexibility in adjusting the billing of the model depending on the needs of the client. From providing a team dedicated exclusively to work for one client – to a team working in parallel on different processes where the minimum declared number of hours can be flexibly scaled within the agreed time.


One of the biggest challenges in the implementation and planning of IT projects is the high flexibility of employees resulting from the large number of attractive alternatives on the market. Commoditech was established with the aim of creating ideal, transparent and attractive conditions for one of the most demanding professional groups in Poland. Thanks to efforts in working on non-wage conditions as well as employer branding, we manage to maintain very low turnover. Especially when it comes to remote work of professionals from outside large cities, turnover is very low. Non-wage elements that can be offered to employees include health care, a sports plan, a substantive mentor, a mentor on the recruitment side, a training plan / retraining budget.