What projects can be expected from the cooperation2022-11-23T11:13:07+01:00

Commoditech works mainly with international development departments implementing projects in Agile mode. A large part of our projects are projects in distributed teams implemented remotely. We take great care that the projects are implemented in modern technologies and the companies have a corporate environment or very high employee awareness. In the past, we have had several cases of relization for entities with which the programmers were not satisfied – at this time, interesting substantive topics that can be written in the resume are a priority for us. The main model of cooperation is body leasing / time&materials, but we also have a growing number of our own projects and a team dedicated to the topics we win – most often these are software projects for mobile devices – we encourage you to take a look at our sample portfolio. When it comes to recruiting, programmers have a choice between doing our projects or working for our clients – we encourage you to talk to us and be introduced to our database. We get in touch as soon as the need arises.

What model of engagement can I count on2022-11-23T11:12:18+01:00

The lion’s share of our programmers and specialists are engaged in a B2B model. This is a definite preference in the current dynamic labor market in the area of information technology. There are a great number of online tools / calculators available for calculating the expected rate. Commoditech takes a very fair approach by practicing offering engagements in different models and recalculating the rate so that the costs on Commoditech side are identical. Each time you are interested in a project, we advise you in this regard. In case of interest, please contact us.

As a rule, in the B2B model we are based on billing based on the worked day and each time we set the rate of the rate per day net +VAT – that is, the amount including CIT but before adding the value added tax.

Commoditech’s areas of expertise2022-11-23T11:11:47+01:00

We carry out programming, administrative, maintenance work. Programming in various languages is traditionally the largest part of activity for us. From time to time we carry out a stream of work related to system maintenance, help desk support, IT project management support.

If you are interested in speaking with us, we encourage you to take a look at our portfolio or contact our sales department.

I sent my resume and got no response?2022-11-23T11:11:06+01:00

We always strive to conduct the engagement process of each candidate with integrity. We respond to all messages for a specific offer. If the application was general – from the contact form – we don’t always manage to respond but we always try to keep the candidate in mind and get back to them whenever possible.

If you are interested in the status of the process with us, we encourage you to contact us – we respond to all messages. In addition, this is an opportunity for us to refresh the information on the availability of individuals – we encourage you to contact us or apply for specific profiles we are looking for.

Margin for body leasing / time&materials services2022-11-23T11:09:52+01:00

When providing services in the body leasing / time&materials model, Commoditech is guided by the principle of transparency of terms. IT specialists are proposed for cooperation on the basis of a moving margin – oscillating from 10% to 25%. The final margin depends on:

  • Lack of available resources in the market / problematicness in providing a given profile
  • The amount of earnings of the specialist (the higher the expectations of the contractor, the lower the margin percentage)
  • The length of the contract
  • Location of the contract / need to commute / ability to work remotely in whole or in part
  • Provisions in the contract relating to risk and project liability
  • Obligation to assume the risk of possible turnover
  • Salary growth dynamics of the position and the expected salary increase of the specialist in question over time
Insurance for contractors2022-11-23T11:08:09+01:00

Commoditech recommends, as a standard, each time to take out third-party insurance for the purpose of conducting business related to the work carried out as an IT contractor. In order to maximize the protection of co-workers within the framework of our own insurance, we have a clause prohibiting the assertion of claims against those who carry out projects.

What does it look like to establish cooperation?2022-11-23T11:06:25+01:00

Commoditech each time regulates cooperation with a framework agreement defining the main terms of cooperation. It contains, among others, the provisions of NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) and RODO policy. The framework agreement does not introduce an obligation of cooperation – it only regulates its principles in case of cooperation within the framework of an order which is signed each time when a project is initiated. Any arrangements specific to the project that are not in accordance with the framework agreement can be included in the Contract Order – these provisions overwrite the arrangements in the Framework Agreement as more important.

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