Outsourcing programmers and hiring IT professionals

In recent times, the demand for programmer labor has been a challenge for most companies. Relentless salary pressures, very high turnover and little need for stability means that maintaining an inhouse programming department provides many problems. In this situation, outsourcing programmers is often treated not as an alternative to inhouse hiring but as a necessity when HR departments are unable to supply enough candidates.

Companies decide to hire programmers out of necessity from companies that guarantee their work and possible replacement when they leave. This is also a result of the fact that outsourcing companies specialize in creating optimal conditions for programmers and offering B2B cooperation, which is not always possible at the client’s site.

Dynamic market

It is said that the outsourcing of IT professionals is itself facing a shortage of about 50 o00 IT professionals. The demand has been growing steadily for years. 71% of businesses operating in Poland choose to use IT services offered by external providers. For this reason, recent years have seen a shift in the center of interest to more comprehensive services for overall project implementation or the use of off-the-shelf boxed solutions. Some are moving toward more popular technologies where candidates and are cheaper. Hiring developers will remain a key tool in corporations where hiring developers is not possible due to the popular Agile / SCRUM mode of software development.

Hiring programmers – advantages

The system has many advantages, keeping in mind, however, that a significant amount of effort is needed for it to bring benefits.

  • Lower cost of living than those on contract – no need to pay for sick, vacation and training;
  • There is no need to expand the HR department needed to continually find people and encourage them to stay for another quarter. Outsourcing of programmers is driven 100% by the vendor who takes over all the paperwork;
  • Providing people for a specific project – instead of pulling up internal resources in a particular technology;
  • Certainty of hiring competent people and low risk – in case of a mismatch, cooperation can be discontinued very quickly;
  • Speed – outsourcing of IT professionals is a model in which people are often available on the spot;
  • Minimalist bureaucracy – hiring programmers needs a framework agreement and a per-person order;
  • Payment only in case of satisfaction and well done service based on accepted hours;