Commoditech works mainly with international development departments implementing projects in Agile mode. A large part of our projects are projects in distributed teams implemented remotely. We take great care that the projects are implemented in modern technologies and the companies have a corporate environment or very high employee awareness. In the past, we have had several cases of relization for entities with which the programmers were not satisfied – at this time, interesting substantive topics that can be written in the resume are a priority for us. The main model of cooperation is body leasing / time&materials, but we also have a growing number of our own projects and a team dedicated to the topics we win – most often these are software projects for mobile devices – we encourage you to take a look at our sample portfolio. When it comes to recruiting, programmers have a choice between doing our projects or working for our clients – we encourage you to talk to us and be introduced to our database. We get in touch as soon as the need arises.