Project Description

Our client is an innovative company providing an online remote concierge support service – aimed at senior managers working in Poland. The client-assistant communication process was problematic. As a company competent in multi-channel contact with the client, we were asked for advice. The result was the creation of a mobile application (iOS+Android) with the ability to contact the customer through the application interface – unifying several channels.

  • chat
  • start a phone conversation
  • start a conversation on the customer’s chosen communicator
  • email
  • sms
  • possibility to record a request

In addition, the application maintained contact history, key data, calendar with scheduled assistant actions, status of submitted tasks for the assistant, inbox with responses from various channels. For the client’s needs, Commoditech delivered:

  • Application idea
  • Design / UX / UI
  • Development work
  • Integration with the CRM system currently used by the client via API
  • Testing and maintenance of the solution
Libentis mobile application
Libentis mobile application