Project Description

Our client was a small, boutique recruitment company operating in Europe in the field of technical recruitment and executive search. For some time, management had been unable to decide on a CRM vendor. Selected problems associated with the ATS distributions analyzed:

  • High fees,
  • Scaling of fees per user using the system or limiting the number of entries in the database,
  • Problematic exit and change of partner
  • and, above all, uncertainty about entrusting sensitive personal data to an entity from abroad or a small / medium-sized company in Poland.

The client also carried the idea of creating an in-house solution or staying with the shared online workbooks used so far.

As part of the consultancy, we presented the most cost-effective and strategically sound options. Between the possibilities, we singled out the chosen open source solution as the most suitable for the company as a proven distribution with an active community developing the product. It was this solution that was selected. After implementation, configuration and additional programming changes to customize the solution, we managed to adapt it to all the required functional aspects – ATS and HRM. As part of the development work, the system also supports most of the critical company processes like invoicing and finance, project management, CRM. It also acts as a company repository / knowledge base.

The scope of work included:

  • Selection consulting
  • Implementation on the client’s infrastructure
  • Full configuration
  • Programming work on additional functionalities
  • Data migration (120k records)
  • Administration / maintenance of the solution
  • Creation of a dashboard with selected charts for the management board
ATS rekrutacja
ATS rekrutacja
ATS rekrutacja

Implemented modules:

  • Contats

  • Companies

  • Documents and CV

  • Meetings

  • Knowledge base

  • Calls

  • Reports

  • Finance and invoices (+integration with the client’s system)

  • Sales leads

  • Project Management