Project Description

In order to prepare a mobile solution to help level the playing field in society and address the problem of domestic violence, the Commoditech team created the end2end app – including the

  • the concept of the application
  • graphic elements, logos, branding
  • psychological input
  • UX/UI
  • programming work of the solution and publication on Apple Store and Google Play
  • consulting on distribution and development strategy

Your Umbrella is a mobile application through which people exposed to domestic violence situations can get support and information. In addition to educational materials, the app provides access to a database of organizations offering support to those affected by family violence.

The app also allows users to upload information about violent incidents for possible use later, as well as the ability to contact a pre-configured email address or the ability to quickly dial an emergency phone number.

To ensure discretion in the use of the app – an official part of the app is the compilation of weather data relevant to location.

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