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More flexible & efficient consulting approach than in-house support.
Better quality than offshoring.

We are an IT outsourcing boutique working on international software development projects. Years of experience in management
of dispersed teams helped us build methodology to make near-shoring work.

We support our customers in area of software development, analysis, testing, infrastructure maintenance and project management. 
Our goal is to work with the best and thrive on building relationship and trust.

“The most talented people in the world don’t all live in the same place.”
(Quote from ‘Remote office not required’, 37 Signals)


See what we do.

Our experience and realized projects let us address wide range of information technology
related needs of corporate, medium and small clients.

Software development

Our expertise covers many programming languages. We provide support with applications development, systems integration, maintenance, consulting, code audits. Our core specializations include: Java, .NET, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Webdevelopment.

Quality & Testing

We cooperate with experienced testers and certified test analysts (ISTQB). We create testing teams, outsource testing processes or perform testing audits.

IT Consulting

We conduct unique projects related to consulting on edge of IT and business – such as usability studies, audits, processes alignment, IT risk analysis, assistance with preparation, pricing and delivery of IT projects, IT market and competition analysis.

Infrastructure & Security

Commoditech employs qualified professionals in the field of infrastructure – administrators, network and service desk / helpdesk specialists. We render both maintenance and project related work streams.

Project Management

Majority of our consultants have Agile software development experience as they often work with dispersed teams and SCRUM-segmented development.  We cooperate with project managers with Prince2 or PMI as well.

Bigdata Consulting

In our ranks we have highly skilled data professionals – data scientists to render Big Data and data mining services. We can provide analysis of supplied data for verification and detection of patterns, relationships, identification of new business opportunities and finding efficiencies. 


How we cooperate

We are distinguished by our flexible approach to solving demand for skilled IT professionals.
From outsourcing of contractors on Time&Materials basis to team leasing,
and success fee recruitment.


Staff leasing / IT Contracting

Outsourcing of IT professionals is cooperation model used in the absence of sufficient amounts of manpower on the client side or when the scope of work is difficult to estimate and there is need for rapid enlargement of the team. Cooperation in this formula is usually billed on the Time&Material basis.

Commoditech deploys IT consultants on projects implemented by clients, selecting appropriate experts from own resources or acquired by external recruitment. During engagement, takes on the all the formal obligations of the labor force, and cares about their professional development, training, and integration.

The advantage of IT contracting is management of liquid resources which allows the management to react quickly whenever demand arises. This requires cooperation of a trusted partner to help organizations get the most appropriate and available resources quickly and as cheap as possible. Commoditech has access to a rich database of candidates who are able to effectively complete designated task, which will enable faster development organizations.




Recruitment Services

Search services for specialists for direct employment in customer structures, focused on comprehensive management of the entire process for companies in the telecommunications and information technology sectors. We recruit for demanding specialist and managerial positions related to IT.

Our work is based on the industry experience of consultants and in-depth and current knowledge of the labor market in the IT and telecommunications sectors. We also support IT departments in companies – financial, production and FMCG industries.

We are often looking for candidates for positions: Programmer, Administrator, System Analyst, Business Analyst, Developer, Designer, Network Engineer, Cisco Engineer, Database Specialist, IT Manager, SAP Specialist, Project Manager, etc.

As part of success-fee services, we usually cooperate as support for the existing HR department in the Customer’s structure.




Fix-Price Projects

Each project is a unique initiative to provide a specific IT solution. It requires from both the supplier and the customer appropriate approach to management. During the implementation of projects Commoditech builds effective team and management mechanisms that allow to embed the project in context, and its monitoring.

Our main fix-price experience is connected to mobile and opensource applications development.

We use mechanisms to support management of customer requirements and take into account the specificity of the organization. Additional aspects, such as communication management, resource management, quality or budget supervision ensure that objective was achieved as planned.


Team Leasing

Providing Team Leasing services Commoditech delivers professional support by creating teams of specialists working on clients premises, managed by their own employees or Commoditech manager. This person is responsible for proper execution and coordination of work. Commoditech delivers a team of certain skilset in designated time and its administrative support. Side managing the endeavor is responsile for knowledge management, business continuity introduction of new employees.

Such teams render programming, analytic, implementation and support services. Main advantage of such model is the possibility of flexible adjustment of tasks to changing business conditions and priorities when scope is not well defined. Also by current reporting the client has more control over workflow.

This model is especially effective in dynamic environment where fix-price model is not optimal delivery method. Work carried on in Team Leasing model is settled on the time&materials or flat basis.


Business Process Outsourcing

Commoditech offers support in conducting, establishing and consulting in the area of creation of IT Offshoring center in Poland. Thanks to business partnerships, we have the opportunity to efficiently locate programming teams in all major Polish cities. We enable an ad-hoc prototyping of a competence team, testing the idea before the decision of infrastructure and real estate investment takes place.




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    Tester Systemowy
    Full Time
  • Commoditech
    Młodszy Specjalista ds. Sieci Szkieletowej IP
    Full Time
  • Commoditech
    Hadoop Developer
    Full Time
    Łódź / Warszawa
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    Java Developer
    Full Time
  • Commoditech
    .NET Developer
    Full Time
    Warszawa / Łódź